Wireless Environment Monitoring Sensors 

Our  wireless sensing product line of transmitters, probes and accessories covers all your points of measurement from temperature and humidity to door status and CO2. 

Setra’s wireless transmitters send all data securely and reliably to our local system gateway (SetraEDGE) and then to the SetraCloud for access to real-time and historical data through Setra’s Continuous Environmental Monitoring Software (CEMS).  

Our wireless transmitters allow users to configure alerts necessary to ensure perishable goods and samples remain within optimum storage conditions and regulatory requirements.  



Setra’s wireless transmitters and probes measure and record temperature, humidity, door contacts, and gases such as CO2. Communicating over Wi-Fi, our wireless transmitters have both visual and audible local alarms while remote alarms and text notifications are available through Setra’s Continuous Environmental Monitoring Software (CEMS). 

From storing sensitive products in a hospital pharmacy to producing commercial pharmaceutical products in a cleanroom environment requiring FDA 21 CFR Part 11 compliance, Setra has a solution for you.