SBC Supervisor (Saia Burgess Controls by Honeywell)

SCADA, an abbreviation for Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition, refers to a system for recording, monitoring, controlling and visualizing real-time data in automation systems.

Software platforms which integrate Saia PCD controllers into the IT infrastructure bundle together the SCADA functions in one program. This way, all important data and key figures are available at a glance in a web view and can be used easily and efficiently – both in company-wide control centres and in simple HVAC room control systems. Thanks to the clear presentation, not only problems or faults but also possible improvements can quickly be identified. This helps to increase the efficiency of the entire system. Through the use of open communication standards, you also remain flexible and can incorporate external applications, allowing you to cater for current and future requirements as regards building management at all times. However, SCADA functions do not necessarily have to be outsourced. They are also integrated directly into our automation station, where they help to ensure local optimisation and reliable operation. And you benefit thanks to greater efficiency and having a direct influence.

.G K Controls Private Limited, a BMS distributor of Honeywell supply Saia Burgess BMS for Commercial Buildings including Hospitals, Malls, Hotels, Corporate buildings, etc. This system is specially suitable for BMS at IT data centers when redundant systems are required.