Guest Room Management System (GRMS)

About GRMS

Guest Room Management System

With a clear focus on Energy Management at Hotel Guest room, G K Controls Pvt Ltd, provides Honeywell INNCOM solutions to Hotel industry.

Energy is the lodging industry’s second-greatest operating cost, with the biggest energy hogs being heating, cooling and lighting. INNCOM® energy management solutions range from low-cost, standalone products to advanced centrally controlled systems that can include lighting and drape controls as well as situation alerts and property data collecting and reporting. 

Why INNCOM E-Series

INNCOM E-Series Smart Digital Thermostats

INNCOM E-Series Smart Digital Thermostats save energy by initiating and maintaining temperature setbacks when the guestrooms are rented but unoccupied and even deeper setbacks when the rooms are unrented. ASHRAE studies have shown that for every degree of setback, approximately 3% of the energy used to heat or cool the room is saved. An INNCOM Networked EMS delivers 25-40% guestroom HVAC energy savings, based on HVAC runtime reduction from a PMS-integrated EMS vs. ETM (traditional thermostat mode) in hotels with average occupancy and <500 rooms.

About Products


From standalone energy management to a wireless RF network that provides real-time analytics and room control, Honeywell’s INNCOM provides a solution for every property.Your guests will be impressed with our elegant EVORA® or MODEVA ® customizable glass series switches or enjoy the technology of tablet, iphone or remote television room control. INNCOM is the most collaborative room automation platform in the world, so our technologies can be combined with multiple third party vendors to provide electronic locking control, minibar monitoring, motorized drape control, and a wide variety of property management systems.

Honeywell’s world-class R&D and Engineering teams work hard to bring you a broad range of innovative, intelligent devices and dependable, integrated systems. These are combined in various ways to provide solutions for energy management, on-line electronic lock control, guest interfaces and operating enhancements for engineering, housekeeping, security, and other hotel staff groups. INNCOM system integration has proven to be among the most reliable, cost effective and technologically advanced, room automation systems in the world for over 35 years.


E7W Thermostat

The e7w is a robust and versatile wireless EMS thermostat with occupancy-based temperature and humidity control. Featuring superior aesthetics, a built-in motion detector, and on-board wireless ZigBee®, the e7w is a Hospitality IoT platform that supports guestroom controls for HVAC, lighting, drapery, amenities, and other IoT integrations.


E528 EMS Thermostat

Honeywell INNCOM e-Series thermostat is a hub for guestroom automation and can control virtually any HVAC system. They also offer backlit LCDs and flexible options for installation, including built-in relays (e528). The E528 can be equipped with an on-board radio frequency (RF) transceiver, a passive infrared occupancy sensor (PIR), humidity sensor, outside temperature display, and the unique Eco MODE® green button.

Each model can be used as a standalone thermostat as an in-room energy management system (EMS) as a hospitality IOT hub or as part of a networked, property-wide EMS. And you can scale up these capabilities any time, at your own pace. When the e-Series built-in motion sensing is combined with door lock (or sensor) integration, Honeywell’s advanced occupancy detection enables a property to optimize EMS energy savings without compromising guest comfort (vs. PIR-only occupancy detection). An INNCOM Networked EMS delivers 25-40% guestroom HVAC energy savings.


INN Control

Take full control of your guestrooms with the new Energy Management Supervisor from INNCOM featuring new push notifications, alarms and alerts on mobile, tablet and desktop. IC5 is cloud-based which allows you to be more responsive to changes at your property leading to enhanced guest comfort.
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