Lighting Sensors

Ex-Or’s LightSpot range of standalone sensors offers a comprehensive solution to the challenges of localised lighting control. The products’ advanced detection performance enables greater comfort, productivity and energy efficiency.

The range includes passive infrared detection, photocells for daylight linking, microwave detection for advanced detection in challenging environments. These sensing technologies are available in specific products available for a range of mounting heights from standard ceilings to 16m+ highbay in both standalone and luminaire integral versions. Use our product selector tool to identify the correct sensor for your application​ or, if you are already familiar with LightSpot PIRs and need to find a corresponding sensor in the LightSpot HD range, consult our table of equivalents.

LightSpot has a broad range of sensing technologies for every application:

Dual Mount Switching PIR

  • Simple, cost-effective PIR detector​
  • 3600 movement detection
  • Rapid payback
  • Ideal solution for simple retrofit
  • Optional passive photocell (inhibits switch-on if there is sufficient daylight)


  • Innovative dual mount system for either flush or surface mount applications

Silver Series PIR

High-performance, dual-circuit, programmable PIR detector

  • Ideal for offices and open-plan workstations
  • 360o movement detection
  • Programmable photocell mode
  • Dual-circuit: either switching or switching and dimming (useful where just the perimeter lights require photocell operation)
  • Available with solenoid valve for Washroom Control

Mounting options:

  • Flush
  • Surface
  • Slimline Flush

Gold Series Microwave

  • Superior performance, programmable microwave detector
  • Ideal for offices, open-plan workstations, classrooms etc
  • 360o movement detection
  • Programmable photocell mode
  • Dual-circuit versions: either switching or switching and dimming (useful where just the perimeter lights require photocell operation)
  • Single-circuit analogue output version
  • Dimming versions incorporate terminals for optional One Switch Dimming

Mounting options: 

  • Flush
  • Surface

Multi-Function PIR

Offers dual control for:

  • Lighting and emergency test
  • Lighting and air conditioning
  • Lighting and water/fan
  • Two-channel lighting
  • Hi-Bay version for mounting at up to 16m height

Mounting options:

  • Flush
  • Surface

Standard Series Ultrasonic

  • High-performance, ultrasonic presence detector
  • Directionally adjustable
  • Passive photocell
  • Ideal for offices, classrooms, corridors and other medium-range applications

Mounting options:

  • Semi-flush
  • Surface

Mid Range Microwave

  • Superior performance, microwave presence detector
  • Directionally adjustable
  • 20 x 20m coverage
  • Ideal for larger classrooms, longer corridors, conference rooms, storage aisles etc
  • Either passive photocell, or regulating 
  • Dimming versions incorporate terminals for optional OneSwitch Dimming
  • Infrared programmable (dimming version)

Mounting options:

  • Semi-flush 
  • Surface 
  • Wall mounting kit available

Long Range Microwave

Powerful, versatile microwave presence detection system

  • Ideal for sports halls, stadia, warehouses and other large areas
  • Ranges of 15m and 30m
  • Detectors and control units can be combined, or separated for more convenient electrical connection and commissioning

Mounting options:

  • Flush
  • Surface
  • Box-mounted 
  • Wall mounting kit available for detectors
  • Rugged environment IP65 kit available

LightSpot Photocells

  • Two-part Switching Photocell – monitors ambient daylight, can be mounted inside or outside
  • Available with Time Clock
  • See LightSpot HD Photocells for other options

BattenFit PIR

  • Simple-to-fit control solution for batten-style luminaires
  • Infrared programmable
  • Switching and regulating versions
  • IP65 versions

Integral PIR Detector

  • Two types of small, discreet luminaire controller
  • Suitable for integration in most luminaire designs
  • Rear or side cable entry options
  • Moulded-in features to assist in mounting
  • Versions for on/off switching of fi​xed-output ballasts and for dimming analogue and digital ballasts