Lighting Control System

Lighting is an important part of room automation – whether it be in offices or the cabins of a ship. By incorporating SBC products into your room design, you can develop individual lighting solutions in order to control blinds, lighting and shading at the push of a button.

Using natural light and the heat it produces helps to reduce energy consumption. And this in turn leads to lower costs.   The DALI communication system from SBC provides the technical support needed for this. It allows convenient, synchronous control of lighting. This system offers significant advantages over external converters. With control concepts geared to lighting needs and intelligent light management based on Saia PCD automation systems, even the most complex lighting concepts can be achieved – while still conserving resources. 

In addition, an integrated DALI bus power supply renders additional external components unnecessary. Installation too is very easy – a big advantage for installers. The system can be controlled either via a standard wall switch or a tablet or smartphone.   Because the various lighting components are connected, an integrated, comprehensive room concept can be created. Personal settings can be saved and retrieved via room operating panels. This saves hotel guests having to reconfigure their preferred lighting scenario each time that they visit as this can be done at the push of a button. Even your cleaning staff benefit from this function because light switches no longer need to be actuated manually.