Guest Room Management System (GRMS) 

With a clear focus on Energy Management at Hotel Guest room, G K Controls Pvt Ltd, provides Honeywell INNCOM solutions to Hotel industry.

Energy is the lodging industry’s second-greatest operating cost, with the biggest energy hogs being heating, cooling and lighting. INNCOM® energy management solutions range from low-cost, standalone products to advanced centrally controlled systems that can include lighting and drape controls as well as situation alerts and property data collecting and reporting. 

INNCOM E-Series Smart Digital Thermostats save energy by initiating and maintaining temperature setbacks when the guestrooms are rented but unoccupied and even deeper setbacks when the rooms are unrented. ASHRAE studies have shown that for every degree of setback, approximately 3% of the energy used to heat or cool the room is saved. An INNCOM Networked EMS delivers 25-40% guestroom HVAC energy savings, based on HVAC runtime reduction from a PMS-integrated EMS vs. ETM (traditional thermostat mode) in hotels with average occupancy and <500 rooms.

INNCOM’s award-winning, patented ecoMODE® – the easiest way for guests to opt-in to a hotel’s sustainability programs. ecoMODE makes Going Green easy for both hoteliers and guests. With the simple touch of the Green Button, guests activate the thermostat’s enhanced energy-saving mode and effortlessly opt-in to a host of environmentally friendly programs predetermined by the hotel. ecoMODE is a special setting available as an option on all styles of E-Series Smart Digital Thermostats, as well as INNCOM switches and touch-screen devices. ecoMODE is designed for any hospitality establishment that seeks to demonstrate a firm commitment to environmental sustainability practices. In the simplest ecoMODE system, pressing the Green Button will trigger an enhanced energy savings setback, as well as illuminate a green LED to indicate the guest’s sustainability program participation to staff. In a centrally controlled system, notification is also sent to the central server, alerting the appropriate staff to the guest’s participation, and collecting useful data regarding program involvement​.