Critical Environment Monitoring Software 

Setra’s CEMS software collects real-time data from in-room sensors and provides actionable information and feedback to users. Along with data visualization and alarm notifications, CEMS stores sensor data, alarm events and audit logs for compliance reporting.



CEMS™ software can be commissioned with Setra or 3rd party hardware and sensors though a BACnet network, allowing the entire system to be customized for your specific site and needs. 


CEMS software can be installed securely in the SetraCLOUD or on a standalone, on-premises network. Encrypted data is communicated via Wi-Fi, cellular or ethernet. 


Setra will provide superior technical and customer support during and after the installation of CEMS™ software. 



Setra’s wireless transmitters and probes measure and record temperature, humidity, door contacts, and gases such as CO2. Communicating over Wi-Fi, our wireless transmitters have both visual and audible local alarms while remote alarms and text notifications are available through Setra’s Continuous Environmental Monitoring Software (CEMS). 

From storing sensitive products in a hospital pharmacy to producing commercial pharmaceutical products in a cleanroom environment requiring FDA 21 CFR Part 11 compliance, Setra has a solution for you.